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Professional Training Programs for Dassault Falcon Jet Aircraft

FlightSafety offers comprehensive, professional training on virtually all Dassault business aircraft. This includes: Falcon 10, Falcon 20/20-5, Falcon 50, Falcon 50EX, Falcon 900B/C, Falcon 2000, Falcon 900EX, Falcon 2000EX EASy Series, Falcon 900EX EASy Series, 7X and the 8X. FlightSafety is the original factory-authorized training provider for Dassault Falcon Jet aircraft. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors, advanced technology flight simulators and integrated training systems help ensure proficiency and safety. Falcon Learning Centers, strategically located for customer convenience and proximity to major Dassault Falcon facilities, are in Columbus, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Wilmington, Delaware; Houston, Texas; Paris-Le Bourget, France; and Teterboro, New Jersey.

Dassault Falcon Jet Training Program Highlights

  • FlightSafety International and Dassault Falcon celebrate 50 years of training. The first factory-authorized training agreement was signed in 1966 and we have continued to be the factory authorized training provider for Falcon aircraft since that time.
  • Our new Advanced Training courses: Advanced Energy Management, CRM Human Factors Loft, and Rejected Takeoff Go/No Go are available for Falcon 2000EX EASy & 900EX EASy.
  • Our Falcon 900EX simulators in Teterboro, New Jersey and Dallas, Texas were upgraded to include FMS 6.1
  • Falcon EASy II FAST Courses available for the 900EX EASy II 2nd Cert and the 2000EX EASy II 2nd Cert.
  • Authorized training provided for the Falcon 8X.
  • The Houston, Texas Learning Center now offers Falcon 10 & 50 pilot training.
  • Operational Day Flow (ODF) Ground School training is available for the Falcon 7X, 900EX EASy and 2000EX EASy Initial-Type Rating Course. ODF recurrent training is available in the Falcon 900B, 900EX EASy Series, 2000EX EASy Series and 7X. This ODF training system presents daily flight profile scenarios as part of an enhanced multimedia training environment. Clients receive operation-based instruction using FlightSafety's MATRIX suite of simulation applications. These provide realistic, hands-on instruction that has been proven to enhance the learning experience and promote increased retention and transfer of lesson materials.
  • Our Teterboro Learning Center has been providing aircraft specific simulator-based training on the Falcon 50EX since the aircraft entered service
  • Our Wilmington, Delaware Center is equipped with a dedicated Falcon 900B simulator which was recently upgraded to FMS 6.1.
  • In our Paris-Le Bourget Center, all Maintenance training is EASA approved.
  • Crew Emergency training is available in Columbus, Dallas, Paris-Le Bourget, and now Teterboro.
    • The Paris-Le Bourget Learning Center has dedicated Falcon 20 and Falcon 2000 mock-ups for Crew Emergency training.
    • Teterboro has dedicated Falcon emergency exits.
    • Our Dallas Learning Center has a dedicated Falcon emergency exit in the large cabin trainer.
  • The Teterboro Learning Center upgraded the Falcon 900EX and the 2000EX EASy simulators to Vital X visuals representing a dramatic improvement in simulator visual system technology.
  • We offer maintenance training on Dassault Falcon models at our Learning Centers in Dallas, Texas; Wilmington, Delaware; and Paris-Le Bourget, France.
  • Maintenance Training clients have priority access to FlightSafety Graphical Flight-deck simulators
  • FlightSafety's Master Technician Training Program is offered for all Falcon models which provides precise development steps in the learning process.
  • Engine Run & Taxi training is available for all Falcon models to improve ground operation safety and reduce runway incursions for maintenance technicians.
  • Principles of Troubleshooting courses are readily available for on-site, and distance learning.
  • FlightSafety is the first to receive Falcon Training Policy Manual Certification (FTPM) for the 7X EASy II pilot initial course.
  • Our Falcon 2000LXS flight simulator at the Paris-Le Bourget Learning Center is equipped with FalconEye (ELBIT) HUD.
  • FlightSafety's new FlightBag app with Pre-Study material is available for all Falcon models.
  • eLearning courses available for Falcon operators include CPDL-C, ADS-B, 2000S & 2000LXS Differences and 2000EX EASy II 2nd & 3rd Cert.

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  Classes are subject to change and cancellations may occur based on low enrollment or facility schedule changes.