"The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew."TM
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Professional Training for Embraer Aircraft

EMB 120

FlightSafety provides four different training locations for EMB 120 operators, many of whom employ the Brasilia as the mainstay of their fleets. With centers located around the United States and in Europe at Paris-Le Bourget, we have the resources to meet the training needs of both EMB 120 pilots and maintenance technicians.

ERJ 145/135

When the popularity of regional jets began to increase, Brazilian manufacturer Embraer turned to FlightSafety to be sure its new ERJ 145 customers received the best training. Working together, Embraer and FlightSafety developed comprehensive training programs that meet all ERJ 145 operator needs. With Embraer’s successful introduction of the ERJ 135, FlightSafety’s commitment has grown to include a full range of pilot, technician and flight attendant training. To support growing sales, FlightSafety has built 18 Level D full flight simulators, the latest of which feature the Mark I cockpit configuration. As the official training company for this aircraft line, FlightSafety requires its nearly 40 ERJ instructors to be qualified under both FAA and EASA regulations.

Embraer 170

FlightSafety offers pilot training for the Embraer 170 airliner. Training courses include the use of FAA Level D full flight simulators designed and built by FlightSafety. Training for the new EMBRAER 170 represents FlightSafety’s third generation of Embraer aircraft programs. EMBRAER 170 simulators are located in St. Louis, Missouri, and at Paris-Le Bourget, France. FlightSafety’s interactive, simulation-driven MATRIX training systems support the Embraer 170 pilot training courses.

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