"The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew."TM
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Professional Training Program for the Leonardo AW139

FlightSafety offers comprehensive professional simulation-based training to meet the needs of all Leonardo AW139 operators regardless of the mission. Our instruction is designed to help pilots and maintenance technicians achieve proficiency quickly and effectively, while presenting true-to-life scenarios that prepare crews for the specific challenges they face on the job. AW135 training is available at our dedicated helicopter Learning Center in Lafayette, Louisiana which was designed to meet the professional training needs of AW139 operators, offering pilots and technicians the resources to achieve proficiency and safety.

Leonardo Training Program Highlights

  • The AW139 simulator incorporates all current avionics and safety equipment, and is NVG-compatible for night vision goggles.
  • We engineered and built our new AW139 full flight simulator to Level D specifications using exhaustive flight data to ensure that it replicates the aircraft's flight characteristics with the highest possible fidelity.
  • The simulator features electric control loading and 60-inch electric motion technologies pioneered by FlightSafety.
  • Train with our exclusive, state-of-the-art VITAL X visuals, which deliver continuous global high-resolution satellite imagery as well as a broad range of realistic environmental conditions.
  • Simulation scenarios run the gamut from routine operations to abnormal and emergency situations, which can be practiced and trained in a simulated environment increasing the margin of safety versus in-aircraft training.

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Plan Your Training

  Scheduled Courses at our Leonardo Centers. Contact Us for other courses and dates available upon request.
  Classes are subject to change and cancellations may occur based on low enrollment or facility schedule changes.