"The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew."TM
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Don’t Just Train to Maintain – Train to Excel

From initial and update courses to advanced troubleshooting, FlightSafety maintenance technician instruction strikes a perfect balance between classroom instruction and the reinforcement of hands-on training. Full-scale systems trainers, major component mock-ups, cutaways, working models, modular maintenance task simulators and the proper test equipment – whatever is required for the most effective instruction. All training, classroom or hands-on, is conducted with well-prepared aviation professionals who bring a depth of experience to your instruction. When you’re ready, take on the highly rewarding challenge of the FlightSafety Master Technician sequence of courses. For more information, contact FlightSafety Maintenance Training toll-free at (800) 291-0679 or click: mxtrainingsales@flightsafety.com to send email.

Professional Development –

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Practical Training Programs

Push your knowledge, and your career, to new levels with professional development training. The result of a resource-sharing agreement with Global Jet Services, courses include Repair Station Training, Human Factors, Maintenance Resource Management, Customer Service and others. These courses emphasize human factors in aviation maintenance and recognize that customer service, business operations, personnel management and government regulations can be everyday concerns for maintenance professionals. Click here for class schedule.

MX Advantage
MX Advantage gives you the safety advantage in cutting-edge factory authorized training. FlightSafety Internationl and Cessna Aircraft Company draw on their close working partnership of more than 30 years to offer MX Advantage, the ultimate in-depth maintenance training. Technicians benefit from both academic instruction and hands-on training, leveraging classroom environments with situational awareness. When you successfully complete MX Advantage training, you take your place among the most technically advanced technicians in the world. The all-new training, developed jointly by FlightSafety and Cessna from the ground up, immerses you in an environment that replicates actual return-to-service scenarios.

Enhancing Safety
MX Advantage training begins with a firm grounding in traditional classroom instruction, then moves to unique hands-on learning using real aircraft, supplemented with mock-ups and part-task trainers. FlightSafety and Cessna carefully selected the best instructors, who each bring a depth of knowledge and a breadth of experience to enrich your MX Advantage training experience.

The Manufacturer's Choice
MX Advantage delivers such complete and effective training that Cessna relies on the MX Advantage team to train its own maintenance technicians, product support, engineers and Cessna Citation Service Center personnel. The result is greater standardization of maintenance practices in the field as well as improved aircraft reliability throughout the fleet and the entire product line.

Experienced, Motivated Instructors
MX Advantage instructors, recruited from service and manufacturing areas, rely on hard-earned lessons in the field to advance your understanding of key issues. As with all FlightSafety courses, our instructors lead scenario-based training designed to help you reach the highest levels of proficiency.

Task-Specific Training
MX Advantage uses practical aircraft service issues drawn from actual field experience to create problem-solving scenarios, adding a new and useful dimension to basic aircraft system instruction. Training devices crafted from authentic Cessna components take training to another level, enabling you to use the same tools you use in your own shop. Training moves from the classroom to a decicated hangar where you can gain practical knowledge and experience on your specific aircraft model.

Maintenance Training that fits Gulfstream operators to a T The long, close relationship between FlightSafety and Gulfstream Aerospace has resulted in Total Technical Training (TTT or Triple T), the advanced hands-on aircraft maintenance training program that leverages Gulfstream's knowledge of aircraft design, manufacture and support with FlightSafety's expertise in training. It's just one of many innovations to emerge from a professional affiliation dating to 1969.

Triple T employs a variety of methods and training devices to reinforce classroom knowledge and ensure that you return to your operation fully prepared to keep your aircraft safe and available for dispatch. In a program unique to FlightSafety and Gulfstream, instructors from both companies collaborate to teach the multiple layers of instruction that constitute each course.

Enhanced Reliability

Triple T is so effective, Gulfstream relies on the TTT Team to train its own customer maintenance technicians as well as product support and General Dynamics Aviation Services personnel. The training has resulted in greater standardization of maintenance practices in the field as well as improved aircraft reliability.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors bring a wealth of knowledge to your training. As a group they average nearly three decades of maintenance experience. Handpicked from service and manufacturing areas, instructors draw on past experiences and lessons learned in the field. As with all FlightSafety courses, our instructors leverage their knowledge to lead scenario-based training designed to ensure that you reach the level of proficiency you require.

But these scenarios aren't mere theory. Triple T immerses you in a learning environment specifically designed to replicate real-life service issues and events. Aircraft system instruction is reinforced by walking through actual problems being experienced by operators.

Three Centers of TTT Excellence

Triple T originated at our Savannah Learning Center, located adjacent to Gulfstream's primary manufacturing and service facilities. Demand for the training - up 300 percent in just five years - has prompted us to expand course offerings and locations. It is now also offered at our Dallas/Fort Worth Learning Center and, beginning in 2008, will be available at our Long Beach Learning Center.

Task-Specific Training Devices

Training occurs on specialized training devices in the hangar area, during live aircraft visits on a dedicated ramp and, in Savannah, on excursions to such Gulfstream service and manufacturing areas as the engine shop, hydraulic repair shops and avionics lab.

MXPro draws on decades of mutual respect and cooperation between two international aviation leaders, combining Hawker Beechcraft’s nearly eight decades of aviation excellence with FlightSafety’s world-class training to deliver effective, safety-enhancing instruction. The result is greater value for the flight department, a career boost for the technician and improved dispatch reliability, ensuring that your aircraft remain in service, providing the value and performance you expect from Hawker Beechcraft.

Course description
The courses are co-developed between FlightSafety’s highly skilled instruction staff and Hawker Beechcraft’s technical engineering representatives. The objective of the practical training is to gain the required skills in performing maintenance, inspections, and routine work according to the maintenance manual and other relevant instructions and tasks specifically for the aircraft including troubleshooting, repairs, adjustments, replacements, rigging and functional checks. These procedures are learned through a combination of classroom theory and direct hands- on modules using Hawker Beechcraft aircraft and parts tasks trainers. Completion of an aircraft specific maintenance initial course is required prior to enrolling into the MXPro course.

Five and ten-Day Regulatory courses
FlightSafety offers two types of MX Pro practical training programs depending on your regulatory requirements. Both the five and ten day programs meet FAA IA approval. Please check with your agency to determine which of the courses will satisfy your training requirements.

Location and course offerings
The MX Pro courses are taught at the FlightSafety Hawker Beechcraft Maintenance Learning Center in Wichita, KS. The students will enjoy the 45,000 sq. ft training facility to include a state-of-the art, climate controlled hangar and technologically advanced classrooms to included dual projection and desktop interactive training software. The facility is conveniently located adjacent to the Hawker Beechcraft runway. Students attending the courses are given the opportunity to tour the Hawker Beechcraft manufacturing facility.

Plan Your Training

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