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Dassault Falcon - Program Updates

FlightSafety International and Dassault Falcon - A 50-Year Legacy of Trust

FlightSafety International and Dassault Falcon celebrate 50 years of training. The first factory-authorized training agreement was signed in 1966 and we have continued to be the factory authorized training provider for Falcon aircraft since that time. View our video which celebrates this long and close relationship. FlightSafety has 6 Learning Centers worldwide that conduct Falcon specific training using 25 Falcon simulators for pilot, maintenance and cabin crew training. FlightSafety provides professional training for the Falcon 10/100, Falcon 20/20-5, Falcon 50/50EX, Falcon 2000/2000EX, Falcon 2000EX EASy/DX/LX/S/LXS, Falcon 900B/C, Falcon 900EX, Falcon 900EX EASy/DX/LX, and Falcon 7X. We will soon be offering training for the Falcon 8X aircraft.

FlightSafety and Dassault Falcon Celebrate 50 Years of Training

Contact the Dallas, Houston, Paris, Teterboro or Wilmington Learning Center for more information.
FlightSafety Selected by Dassault as the Factory Authorized Training Provider for the New Falcon 8X

Falcon 8X pilot, maintenance and flight attendant training will be offered to coincide with the entry into service of the aircraft. The simulators will be equipped with VITAL 1100 visual system, electric motion control and cueing and advanced instructor operating stations.

FlightBag is Now Available

FlightBag, our second-generation iPad app, is now available for all Falcon programs. It prepares FlightSafety Customers for Dassault Falcon training courses by providing materials for classroom instruction in a user-friendly format. FlightBag's improvements include a more intuitive interface and enhanced annotation tools. Now Customers will have complete access to materials 30 days before training, to allow them to gain the most value out of their in-center learning.

Contact the Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Paris, Teterboro or Wilmington Learning Center for more information.
FlightSafety Offers Cabin Satellite Communications Training at its Learning Center in Teterboro

FlightSafety International is now offering Satellite Cabin Communications training at its Learning Center in Teterboro, New Jersey. The course was developed in conjunction with Satcom Direct. It provides both operational and technical-based training for pilots, cabin attendants and maintenance crewmembers operating onboard satellite communications technology.

Contact the Teterboro Learning Center for more information.
FlightSafety's New Dassault Falcon 2000LXS Simulator Now in Paris

FlightSafety International installed a new Dassault Falcon 2000LXS flight simulator at its Learning Center located at the Paris- Le Bourget airport. This is in addition to the Falcon 2000EX EASy simulator already in place at the Center. The program will include initial, recurrent and upgrade training for pilots, maintenance technicians, and flight attendants. The new simulator features EASy II 2nd Cert avionics including datalink and will offer convertible capabilities between ELBIT and Rockwell Collins for Head–Up Display and Emergency Vision Assurance System. The ELBIT HUD will include Combined Vision System (CVS). CVS, also called “Falconeye”, improves situational awareness.

Contact the Paris Learning Center for more information.
Advanced Energy Management Course available for Falcon 900EX EASy Series and 2000EX EASy Series

The Advanced Energy Management Course focuses on the physics of operating Dassault Falcon aircraft during the descent phase of flight. With the completion of up to 10 different scenarios in each 2-hour simulator period, Dassault Falcon pilots will learn the tools available to understand their “energy state” at any given point on the descent. By utilizing these tools, pilots will be able to predict in advance whether or not they will meet stabilized approach criteria. This will allow flight crews to act much earlier than before in resolving any high energy problems while they are still easily handled, leading to far more stabilized approaches.

Contact the Dallas or Teterboro Learning Center for more information.
FlightSafety 900EX Simulators Receive FMS 6.1 Upgrade

FlightSafety’s Falcon 900EX simulators in Teterboro and Dallas have been upgraded to FMS 6.1. This upgrade allows Customers to train WAAS/LPV approaches with the latest FMS software version available. Both Centers are also able to offer the GNSS RNP RNAV Approach Course in the upgraded Falcon 900EX simulators.

Contact the Dallas or Teterboro Learning Center for more information.
Advanced CRM/Human Factors LOFT for Falcon 900EX EASy & 2000EX EASy Operators

The Advanced CRM/Human Factors LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) event is a highly integrated and challenging training event created to assess CRM aspects of a flight crew’s performance during a long range international flight. During the flight, aircraft issues are encountered that significantly impact the passengers which require complex decision making by the crew. An optimal outcome for the passengers and crew hinges upon the crew’s competency in: coordination, communication, monitoring skills, intervention protocols, resilience to unforeseen events and response to a startling event. The crew’s proficiency in CRM (non-technical) skills will be highlighted and selected aspects identified for subsequent discussion. The LOFT requires 4 hours in the simulator for a crew of 2 pilots. The objective of the course is to show that no matter how competent one might be technically, weaknesses in communication and CRM skills can often lead to an unsatisfactory or unexpected outcome.

Contact the Dallas or Teterboro Learning Center for more information.
Advanced Rejected Takeoff Go/No Go Course Now Available for Falcon 900EX EASy & 2000EX EASy Series

FlightSafety International has introduced a new Rejected Takeoff course. In keeping with its commitment to promote best practices in safety, FlightSafety has partnered with Dassault Falcon to expand upon the philosophy set forth in the CODDE2 Takeoff Safety Briefing. Whether  you already use the CODDE2 Takeoff Safety Briefing or your department  has developed its own standard, this course is the perfect way to evaluate your knowledge and effectiveness of this most critical decision made during every takeoff. During this four-hour course, each crew member will face 18 different V1 scenarios, requiring a decision by the flight crew to either continue the takeoff or abort. In addition to gaining proficiency in the go/no-go decision-making process, this invaluable course also gives two pilots an opportunity to fly their aircraft under the high stress and demands of an emergency return. Most pilots have never operated their aircraft with the level of aggressiveness required to get back to the airport quickly under emergency conditions. Each pilot will have the opportunity to practice multiple emergency return scenarios to proficiency.

Contact the Dallas or Teterboro Learning Center for more information.
FlightSafety's Falcon 7X EASy II Initial receives first Falcon Training Policy Manual Certification

FlightSafety International announces that its Dassault Falcon 7X EASy II initial pilot training course is the first to receive Falcon Training Policy Manual certification. The Falcon Training Policy Manual is designed to ensure that Falcon Jet operators from around the world receive training in accordance with Dassault’s specifications for technical accuracy and content.

Contact the Dallas or Paris Learning Center for more information.
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