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Maintenance King Air Engine Rigging for PT6 Courses Available

The King Air Engine Rigging Courses focus on the rigging and system interface of the King Air C90, 200, B200 with a Bendix type fuel control,  and the B200GT, 250, 300, 350 and 1900 airliner with a Woodward type fuel control. The two courses offer both engine rigging theory and practical training. A wide array of cut-away parts and animated graphics will supplement the learning experience. Engine performance is trained using the Desk Top Simulation and  the Graphical Flight Deck Simulator (GFS). Practical hands-on experience will be gained utilizing real PT6 engines in our shop environment.  Upon completion a client should be able to perform an engine rigging procedure from start to finish, and troubleshoot engine rigging problems.

Contact the Wichita East MX Learning Center for more information.
New Proline 21 Advanced Avionics Pilot Course

Pilots who operate aircraft with Proline 21 can attend an Advanced Avionics course.  This generic course uses FlightSafety’s advanced suite of MATRIX products and is designed for anyone operating an aircraft with Proline 21.  Topics covered include using avionics manufacturer alerts and bulletins, recognizing various departure procedure cautions, and ILS NAV-to-NAV issues and solutions.

Contact the Wichita East Learning Center for more information.
Operational DayFlow Training Now Available for Hawker and Beechcraft Programs

FlightSafety’s new Operational DayFlow Training (ODF) methodology presents daily flight profile scenarios as part of an enhanced multimedia training environment.  Clients receive operation-based instruction using FlightSafety’s MATRIX suite of simulation applications.  These provide realistic, hands-on instruction that has been proven to enhance the learning experience and promote increased retention and transfer of lesson materials.  This is now available for King Air 200GT Initial clients, King Air 350 ProLine 21, Beechjet 400A/Hawker 400XP Recurrent clients, and Premier Recurrent clients.  Operational DayFlow is currently in development for Analog and EFIS King Air 200 training (Atlanta, Long Beach, LaGuardia) and Pro Line 21 equipped Hawker models.

Contact the Wichita East Learning Center for more information.
G1000 Familiarization Course available for King Air Operators

The Wichita Hawker Beechcraft Learning Center has a G1000 Familiarization Course that uses a G1000 Kiosk. This course is available in an 8- or 4-hour format and is designed for King Air operators who want to familiarize themselves with the Garmin G1000 prior to attending an initial or recurrent King Air course.

Contact the Wichita East Learning Center for more information.
Compressed Baron/Bonanza 2-Day Recurrent

A compressed recurrent is now available to Baron and Bonanza operators.  The number of hours of training remains the same, but the curriculum has been compressed into two days.

Contact the Wichita East Learning Center for more information.
New King Air 300/350 Practical Courses

King Air 300/350 Technicians now have 4 new Practical Courses to choose from.  These courses include a 5-day Avionics Practical, 10-day Avionics Practical, 5-day MXPro Practical Training course, and 10-day MXPro Practical Training course.  These courses are both regulatory approved and non-regulatory.

Contact the Wichita East MX Learning Center for more information.
New King Air 200 General Familiarization Course for Maintenance Technicians

FlightSafety’s new King Air 200 General Familiarization course is designed for managers or supervisors who need to become familiar with the aircraft but will not be doing any servicing or maintenance of the aircraft.  This course is offered on request and can be conducted at the Learning Center or at the Customer’s location.

Contact the Wichita East MX Learning Center for more information.
Electronic Publications Available for Hawker and Beechcraft Pilot Programs

All publications for the Hawker and Beechcraft pilot programs are available in electronic format.  Clients can access these publications through the Pre-Study Portal through myFlightSafety. 

Contact the Wichita East Learning Center for more information.
iPad Puts Hawker and Beechcraft Training at Your Fingertips

FlightSafety Customers attending training for any Hawker or Beechcraft aircraft are now able to download training materials normally available during class - and keep that information at their fingertips.  FlightSafety Customers can now download the Pilot Training Manuals for the Bonanza and Baron Programs. Pilot Training Manuals and Flash Cards are available for King Air C90A/B/GT, King Air C90GTi/GTx, King Air 200/B200, King Air B200GT/250, King Air 300 Series, Beech 1900 Series, Premier IA, Beechjet 400 and 400A, Hawker 400XP, Hawker 750, 800XP (EFIS, Honeywell and Proline), and 900XP through the FlightSafety App.  This content will update automatically to ensure each client has the latest revisions.

Contact the Atlanta, Farnborough, Houston, Long Beach or Wichita East Learning Center for more information.
King Air 350i ProLine 21 Simulator with WAAS Approved to Level D by the FAA

FlightSafety International is pleased to announce that its Beechcraft King Air 350 full flight simulator has been qualified to Level D by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. The simulator is located at FlightSafety’s Hawker Beechcraft Learning Center in Wichita, Kansas.  The simulator features the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Integrated Avionics System and is equipped with FlightSafety’s VITAL Visual System and electric motion and control loading technology.  The first initial training course using this new simulator was attended by pilots from Australia, France, the Philippines, Russia, Slovakia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Contact the Wichita East Learning Center for more information.
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