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Airbus Helicopters - Program Updates

FightSafety Training for Airbus Helicopters H135 Available in Dallas

H135 Operators now have the opportunity to train at DFW utilizing a new state-of-the-art Level D Full Flight Simulator. This simulator incorporates our exclusive VITAL X high definition daylight visual, full electronic motion base and specialized visual scenes for enhanced training realism.  The simulator is also NVG qualified with training capabilities anticipated in 2014.  Our initial and recurrent training for the H135 include aircraft systems, emergency and abnormal procedures, as well as human factors and specialty training such as Inadvertent IMC.  Interactive Flight Deck and electronic manuals are new technologies for this course and include the use of our Graphical Flight-deck Simulator (GFS) for Systems Integration Training (SIT).  Additionally, our second EC135 Level D Full Flight Simulator has been certified at our DFW Diplomacy facility and training is underway.   Check back here often for further program updates.

Contact the Dallas Learning Center for more information.