"The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew."TM
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Cabin Safety - Program Updates

Ab Initio Flight Attendant Training (Airline)

FlightSafety’s new Ab Initio Flight Attendant Training course is designed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete training for any airline. This course introduces candidates to the duties, responsibilities and foundational subjects that flight attendants need to know prior to attending airline training.  The completion of this course indicates that candidates have reached the level of proficiency necessary to master the tasks necessary for a position as a flight attendant.

Contact the Atlanta Learning Center for more information.
Teterboro Facility Expansion and Enhancements to Crew Emergency Training

Corporate Cabin Attendant and General Emergency Training at the Teterboro Learning Center will be enhanced with a new expansion of the Learning Center.  This expansion will add a training pool with in-water cabin trainer, helicopter rescue devices, BBJ evacuation trainer with evacuation slide and other advanced training devices.  Construction is underway and the project is planned for completion early 2014.

Contact the Teterboro Learning Center for more information.
Commercial and Regional Airline Training in Atlanta, GA

FlightSafety International now offers customized training for commercial and regional airlines. The curriculum includes clearly defined objectives and lesson plans to ensure that the material required by each airline is presented in a methodical and detail oriented sequence yet clearly formatted to maximize comprehension. FlightSafety is certificated by the FAA and can be authorized by a Certificate Holder to conduct training for crewmembers operating under 14CFR parts 121, 125, and 135.

Contact the Atlanta Learning Center for more information.
Outsourced Training, Emergency / Survival Equipment, and Evacuation Course

This course is valuable to anyone who has responsibility for operational safety.  It provides knowledge of the requirements and resources necessary to determine the quality and condition of required aircraft emergency and survival equipment, plan and conduct proving tests, prepare and accomplish evacuation demonstrations, and guidance when contracting with Part 142 Training Centers.

Contact the Atlanta Learning Center for more information.
eLearning Crew Emergency Training

Keep your emergency training up to date and your response skills sharp with eLearning Crew Emergency Training. The four-hour online course provides aviation emergency best practices designed to keep you safe while performing your crewmember duties.  Training covers the importance of following Cockpit Resource Management procedures, communication during emergencies, procedures on how to handle different types of emergencies, and the fundamentals of survival in the event of an evacuation. The new course meets General Emergency Recurrent Training requirements and, paired with drills training, also can meet General Emergency initial training requirements.

Contact the eLearning Learning Center for more information.
Corporate Cabin Attendant Training Available in Long Beach

Corporate Cabin Attendant Initial and Recurrent Training is available at the Long Beach Learning Center. The curriculum covers basic indoctrination, emergency, and aircraft ground training - including aviation orientation, general security, Corporate Cabin Service training, fire fighting, and land and ditching evacuations. It emphasizes hands-on operationally oriented training through drill scenarios in the Cabin simulator, Corporate Cabin fire trainer and other training devices. The course meets most domestic and international regulatory requirements including those of FAA 14 CFR Part 135.331 as well as ICAO and IS-BAO.

Contact the Long Beach Learning Center for more information.
Corporate Cabin Attendant Training Resources Available on the iPad

The Corporate Cabin Attendant Training handbook is now available through the FlightSafety iPad application.  This interactive application includes search and note-taking capabilities enhancing your ability to reference important information in-flight and on the ground. 

Contact the Long Beach, Paris, Savannah or Teterboro Learning Center for more information.
New Advanced Corporate Cabin Trainer at the Savannah Learning Center

Corporate Cabin Attendant and General Emergency Training Courses are enhanced with this all-new cabin trainer.    The Corporate Cabin Trainer features full motion, visual systems on all of the cabin and cockpit windows, corporate passenger cabin seating, galley with functional controls, multiple fire and smoke ‘sites’, drop-down masks and therapeutic O2 port, fully operable main entry door and baggage compartment door as well as  over-wing exits for the Gulfstream G650, Gulfstream Select series, Embraer Legacy, Hawker series, Global series, Falcon series, and Challenger series aircraft.

Contact the Savannah Learning Center for more information.