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U.S. Navy Training


Raytheon Aircraft selected FlightSafety to provide the ground-based training system for its Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS). We have delivered more than 85 trainers to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force as a part of an integrated training system including aircraft, multiple levels of simulators, courseware, training management systems and contractor logistics support.

U.S. Air Force and Navy Pilot Training

JPATS uses a newly developed aircraft, the T-6A Texan II, to train undergraduate pilots for both the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. The new aircraft is replacing the Air Force’s T-37B undergraduate pilot fleet and the Navy’s T-34C undergraduate pilot fleet. The program includes the development of an associated ground-based training system (GBTS). With the T-6A, the Air Force and Navy have a highly flexible primary aircraft capable of training a beginner pilot and of performing training missions well into an advanced training curriculum.

Our training system

We are on contract to develop, produce, install and maintain the JPATS GBTS at military installations around the United States. The GBTS includes flight simulators, a training integration management system (TIMS), courseware and courseware delivery system, as well as a modification update and support system (MUSS) for these elements. FlightSafety operates MUSS at Randolph AFB, Texas and five training sites (Laughlin, Randolph and Sheppard, Texas; Columbus, Mississippi; and Vance, Oklahoma).

JPATS Training Locations

  • Laughlin AFB, Texas
  • Randolph AFB, Texas
  • Sheppard AFB, Texas
  • Vance AFB, Oklahoma
  • Columbus AFB, Mississippi

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