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Regulatory Approvals

FAA – Pilot Training Certificates

FlightSafety FAA Part 142 Certificate


EASA – Pilot Training Certificates

EASA.ATO.0012 (North America & Farnborough)


EASA.Fr.ATO.0016 (FlightSafety International, Paris)

EASA Base Training ATOs


EASA – Maintenance Training Certificates



Australia – Maintenance Training Certificate

Australian Approval


Brazil – Pilot Training Certificate

Brazilian Approval


Canada – Maintenance Training Certificates

Transport Canada ATO

Statement of Limitations


China – Pilot Training Certificates

Hong Kong Approval

Long Beach Approval

Orlando Approval

Paris Approval

Savannah Approval

St. Louis Approval

West Palm Beach Approval

Wichita East Approval

Wilmington Approval


China – Maintenance Training Certificate

CAAC Approval


India – Maintenance Training Certificates

Bangalore Approval

Montreal Approval

Paris Approval

Savannah Approval

St. Louis Approval

Toronto Approval

Wichita Maintenance Approval


Madagascar – Pilot Training Certificate

Madagascar Approval


Mongolia – Pilot Training Certificate

Mongolia Approval


Qatar – Pilot Training Certificate

Qatar Approval


Russia – Pilot Training Certificate

Russian Approval


Ukraine – Pilot Training Certificate

Ukraine Approval


United Arab Emirates – Maintenance Training Certificate

UAE Approval


Vietnam – Pilot Training Certificate

St. Louis Approval