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Rotorcraft and Tilt-Rotor Training and Equipment

FlightSafety’s expertise in simulation technology enables us to meet the rotor and tilt-rotor training objectives of Army, Air Force and Marine personnel. Engineering techniques pioneered at FlightSafety – such as physics-based blade-element modeling of both main and tail rotors – ensure high fidelity in all stages of flight.

Pilot Training for the UH-60 BLACK HAWK

A Blackhawk Level D simulator is located at our West Palm Beach Learning Center. Serving the UH-60A/L model, these state-of-the-art simulators feature our exclusive VITAL 9 visual system, which allows for night vision goggle (NVG) training and realistic visual cues. UH-60 model simulators feature a six-degrees-of-¬freedom motion base, plus a secondary motion system that re-creates the helicopter’s vibration characteristics. Additional UH-60A/L simulators have been installed for use in the Flight School XXI program. Development has also begun for UH-60M model training for the Army.

Maintenance Training for the UH-60 BLACK HAWK

FlightSafety delivers maintenance training to support U.S. Army and Army National Guard BLACK HAWK missions. Courses include initial and update training, plus advanced programs such as Electrical/AFCS/ Stabilator, Flight Control Rigging and Hydraulics Systems. Technicians use a complete range of UH-60 mock-ups plus a full-scale maintenance trainer.

UH-60 BLACK HAWK Training Locations

  • West Palm Beach Learning Center, Florida

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Training for the MV-22/CV-22 Osprey

As part of a joint FlightSafety/Bell Helicopter/Boeing team, FlightSafety is the first company to successfully design, manufacture and deliver full motion flight simulators for tilt-rotor training. We built and delivered the first four MV-22 full flight simulators and flight training devices for the U.S. Marine Corps. In addition, we delivered the first four CV-22 simulators to the U.S. Air Force at two locations to support its tilt-rotor training mission.

These training tools are installed with the military’s preferred visual system: the 60-by-220-degree VITAL 9. MV-22 and CV-22 Level D simulators also feature a night vision goggle training component, aircraft survivability equipment (ASE), VITAL 9 forward-looking infrared (FLIR) simulation capabilities and other complex systems. Simulators include interactive debriefing stations that allow instructors to play back a digital recording of the simulator flight for further analysis.

MV-22/CV-22 Osprey Training Locations

  • MCAS New River, North Carolina
  • Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
  • Hurlburt AFB, Florida

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Flight School XXI

FlightSafety International is proud to be part of the Flight School XXI team at Fort Rucker, Ala., supporting U.S. Army aviation training, including individual, crew and collective, with an emphasis on high-fidelity simulation. Teamed with CSC and L-3, FlightSafety provides simulation supporting the TH-67 Creek – the Army’s primary training helicopter – and the UH-60 BLACK HAWK. We designed and manufactured 20 TH-67 simulators and eight UH-60A/L BLACK HAWK simulators for the school. Our TH-67 simulators alone have logged more than 100,000 hours of service while maintaining 99.9 percent reliability. FlightSafety provided and installed electric motion and control loading systems on the two CH-47 Chinook simulators. We also will provide two simulators for the USAF’s new training helicopter: the TH-1H. Future FSXXI support includes three UH-60M model simulators.

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