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Type-Specific Training for Military Variants of Civilian Aircraft

Drawing on the world’s largest fleet of civilian aircraft simulators as a resource, FlightSafety is exceptionally qualified to provide military pilot training for military versions of civilian aircraft. We provide simulator technology and training services for a full complement of military variants deployed by the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as by foreign military and international law enforcement agencies for such missions as medical transport, command and control operations, cargo duties, staff transport and VIP security.

Military-Variant Training Locations

We conduct military-variant training at the appropriate FlightSafety civilian type-specific Learning Center – for example, Savannah for Gulfstream aircraft and San Antonio for Fairchild Metro. Also, our Learning Center in Daleville, Ala., is devoted entirely to military pilot training. Located close to Fort Rucker at the U.S. Army Aviation Center, the Daleville Center provides King Air training in a setting of advanced simulator technology. The center offers three simulators for the U.S. Army’s C-12 transport aircraft (Beechcraft King Air 200) that are being certified as FAA Level D. The center’s UC-12B simulator is configured to represent the U.S. Navy variant of the King Air.

Military-Variant Training

  • C-20 (Gulfstream III)
  • C-37 A/B (Gulfstream V, G550)
  • C-38 (Gulfstream 100)
  • C-35/UC-35 (Cessna Citation Encore, Citation V Ultra)
  • C-12/UC-12 (Beechcraft King Air)
  • C-26/C-26B (Fairchild Metro)
  • C-9 (DC-9)
  • Twin Otter