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Mobile Combat Tactics Trainer

FlightSafety’s Mobile Combat Tactics Trainer is an advanced training system designed with the capacity to train multiple flight and ship crews at the same time, under the same conditions and in the same airspace. The system’s networking capabilities allows military units to conduct mission type-specific training, combat exercises or other customized training events and mission rehearsal in shared virtual airspace with real-time interaction among all networked simulators and a Battlemaster Control Station.

The flight trainer can be built to match virtually any aircraft in the military inventory and is reconfigurable with type/model series. It is equipped with our VITAL X visual system that includes an advanced Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) digital projector, a worldwide database of geo-specific visual training libraries, an accurate representation of the aircraft and ship’s instrumentation layout with easy-to-use touch screens and high-fidelity control loading for enhanced realism.

Battlemaster Control Station

The Battlemaster Control Station’s easy-to-operate Windows™ software controls every aspect of training. From the PC-based control modules, instructors can create and modify customized training scenarios.

Ship Simulator

The ship simulator can be built for a wide variety of applications, including the LCS, DDX and CGX. It is designed to use a combination of graphical and real-world controls and displays and features the newest PC-based visual technology. The ship simulator enables a wide range of coordinated ship-to-air training exercises and shipboard training capabilities – all integrated at the Battlemaster Control Station.

Mobile, Flexible

The entire system can be operated from inside a trailer, portable container or fixed training site, and is capable of being networked with other high-fidelity flight training devices.