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MATRIX: Systems Integration for Seamless Training

FlightSafety continues to lead the industry in high-fidelity classroom, lab and mobile learning tools through its MATRIX family of products. MATRIX training technologies leverage the software and graphics of our FAA Level D simulators to bring integrated, simulation-driven training to the classroom and advanced task trainers.

The MATRIX Training System

  • Full Flight Level D Simulators
  • The top-of-the-line training device, using highly evolved, sophisticated software drivers to replicate with the greatest possible fidelity all of the flight characteristics of your aircraft. Our simulators include a full range of flight conditions and malfunctions to ensure the best training outcome. Once we’ve perfected the software for the full flight simulator, we use the same code to operate the other components in the MATRIX system.

  • Graphical Flight-Deck Simulators
  • Real-time simulation for different aircraft models in a single training device. The result is a realistic and comprehensive training experience, providing a vital interim link between classroom ground-school and full-motion simulation.

    • Windows-based for ease of use, flexibility, reliability and straightforward maintenance
    • Interactive aircraft hardware reproductions for intuitive tactile training
    • Information monitor to present system schematics, checklists and lessons
    • Platform ideal for systems integration and crew resource management training
    • Replication of multiple aircraft and numerous configurations for lesson diversity
    • Compatibility with instructor-led or self-paced learning

  • Desktop Simulation
  • Training begins with ground school. FlightSafety’s Desktop Simulation brings the full power of Level D simulation into the classroom, providing the first link in a seamless training experience leading to full understanding of aircraft systems and characteristics. Desktop Simulation delivers full flight simulator content and aircraft-system functionality into the classroom or into self-paced training sessions.

  • SimVu
  • Review and analyze your simulator training from multiple points of view for an interactive, customized debriefing. Our industry-leading technology extends your training well beyond the simulator cockpit, adding remarkable new perspective and value to flight simulator training.

    After training, you and your instructor review the session on dual PC monitors, which display a 3-D model of the complete training experience, showing exactly what happened inside and outside the cockpit. SimVu makes it easy to review small irregularities that may have been missed during the simulator flight.

    Trainees can take advantage of the opportunity to view the training session from their instructor’s point of view. Instructors can replay simulator sessions in fast, slow, single-step, or real time. Instructors can digitally bookmark, catalog and rank training events – allowing them to pinpoint moments of critical decision.

    • Fully interactive
    • Animated, graphical and video representations of the training session
    • Available display types include 3-D scenes that incorporate various terrains, runways and airports
    • Plan and profile aircraft views, cockpit instrumentation, graphs, electronic Jeppesen charts, digital video

MATRIX components can be customized to meet individual training requirements.

Integrated Courseware

Desktop Simulation

Graphical Flight-Deck Simulator

SimVu Debriefing System

Full Motion Simulator

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