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Visual Systems – A VITAL Link to Safety

Whether you need a laptop or PC application, a full flight simulator or an image generator for a simulator, you benefit from the 40 years of experience FlightSafety’s Visual Systems Simulation brings to the table. The VITAL visual system is at the heart of a modern flight simulator. We’ve installed hundreds of VITAL systems, including the latest in fidelity and realism: VITAL X. This system was designed to meet the highest international certification standards, including FAA Level D.

FlightSafety visual systems provide pilots with the out-the-window and sensor information they need to operate the aircraft and fulfill operational missions. VITAL X features continuous global high-resolution satellite imagery and environmental conditions experienced during all phases of flight, from taxi and takeoff to landing. Flight operations include visual navigation, instrument flight and landing, and networked tactical engagements.

VITAL X supports FLIR, ColorTV, LLLTV/EO, VTRAT, ALLTV and DVO sensors. Major features include post processing, zoom, target tracking, multiple track modes, symbology and video interfaces. VITAL X is also compatible with NVG, HUD and EVS.

VITAL X brings the newest technology and visual fidelity to simulation systems.

Dynamic Rotor Wash

Animation /Articulation

Accurate Flight Visibility

Fog In Valleys

3D Sea States

Weapons/Particle Smoke

Highly Detailed Moving Models

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