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FlightSafety Simulators and Training Technology - What's New

New Simulation Facility FlightSafety International from FlightSafety International on Vimeo.

We Deliver Reliability, Efficiency and Performance

Take a virtual tour of our new custom-built center for simulation design and manufacture, opened in 2011. The 375,000-square-foot center is designed to ensure efficiency, high quality and precision in our flight simulators and advanced training devices.

Whether you fly commercial, corporate or military aircraft, you depend on your training equipment. We've manufactured more than 700 full flight simulators and advanced training devices and 1,000 visual systems. We're ready to build one for you.

For more information, contact FlightSafety Simulation at 918.259.4000 or toll-free at 888.782.5280 or simulation@flightsafety.com

26 Simulation Devices Delivered in 2011

FlightSafety Simulation delivered 26 full flight simulators and flight training devices in 2011. This brings the total number of simulators and FTDs designed, manufactured, and delivered by FlightSafety Simulation to 637 since 1978. These 26 simulation devices were delivered to FlightSafety facilities, government agencies, airlines and other training agencies worldwide.

FlightSafety Producing Rockwell Collins Fusion Simulators

FlightSafety Simulation has implemented Rockwell Collins Fusion avionics into simulators currently being produced for aircraft with advance cockpits such as the Gulfstream G280, Bombardier Global Express, Boeing 787 and the US Air Force KC-46A Tanker. FlightSafety has been at the forefront of implementing aircraft avionics systems into training, even helping avionics manufacturers get their systems aircraft worthy due to agreements with several aircraft OEMs to provide training for aircraft prior to first customer deliveries.

FlightSafety Awarded a Position on Navy's Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Training Systems Contract (TSC III)

One of only 18 companies selected by the U.S. Navy for Lot I, FlightSafety has earned a position on the $2,000,000,000 ID/IQ contract which runs through 2016 with two one year option periods. The Training Systems Contract was established to supply the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD) a streamlined, quick reaction vehicle for the acquisition and support of critical training systems. The TSC III scope will encompass training systems design, development, production, test and evaluation, delivery, modification, and support for United States Navy and Marine Corps training systems requirements and those derived from end-users and customers consistent with NAWCTSD's mission.

FlightSafety Continues to Support U.S. Army's Aviation Training Command at Flight School XXI in Ft. Rucker

FlightSafety Simulation has delivered 24 TH-67, eight UH-60 A/L, one UH-60M, two TH-1H, and one CH-47 simulators for Flight School XXI. Currently we are manufacturing two additional UH-60 M model Blackhawk Simulators.

FlightSafety Awarded its 27th and 28th C-17 WST

FlightSafety was awarded the contract to design, engineer and manufacture C-17 pilot and loadmaster trainers in 1991 for the US Air Force. Because of the success of the program, FlightSafety has built every C-17 WST. FlightSafety simulation has delivered 23 C-17 WSTs and has three currently in work. FlightSafety's Vital X image generation as well as electric motion and control loading are critical technologies for the C-17 training program success.

FlightSafety Delivers First-of-Kind Mission Simulator

FlightSafety's HH-60G WST features all the capabilities required for coordinated flight crew training an FAA Level D simulator including a high fidelity cockpit, control loading, motion, five channel visual, and flight model. In addition, the WST includes two side gunner stations, each equipped with simulated weapons and seven channel visual, and high fidelity crew stations. This provides stand alone, or crew training for the Flight Engineer/Gunner and Gunner positions. The HH-60G is equipped with simulated mini-gun and .50 caliber machine guns, which may be changed from side to side, to further enhance mission rehearsal training. The realism for the simulation of the Guns is further enhanced by the use of Gun Active Recoil (GAR), and an Aerodynamic Torque System (ADS). The GAR System allows for realistic recoil of the weapons while firing and the ADS allows for realistic pressures on the gun while in the slipstream of the aircraft. The visual system at each gunnery position is integrated with the main simulator visual allowing the flight crew and the gunners to see the same gaming area. All positions are fully connected via integrated simulator aural cueing including environmental and crew communications.

For more information, contact FlightSafety Simulation at 918.259.4000 or toll-free at 888.782.5280 or simulation@flightsafety.com