"The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew."TM
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Welcome to FlightSafety’s Extended Advantage program

The Extended Advantage Program is one of many ways that FlightSafety supports you and your flight operation by providing you with access to the many products and services that you need to operate a safe, efficient, and high quality flight operation.  Please take a few minutes to review these offers from leading companies, featuring goods and services we think you’ll find especially appealing.

Our alliances with these companies allow you to realize significant discounts as well as gain preferred access to valuable programs.  We hope that you find something of interest. It‘s one more way we are saying thank you for choosing FlightSafety and please check back often since we will be adding new alliances frequently.

Your Benefits
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ARGUS CHEQ Data Interface

FlightSafety’s customers can request that the company transmit their flight crew training information electronically directly to ARGUS CHEQ. The information will then be incorporated into the CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) system.

The easiest way to update ARGUS CHEQ Systems

ARGUS CHEQ provides aircraft charter customers with comprehensive reports on charter operators, their aircraft and flight crews, enabling them to review and verify critical information prior to booking a flight. The reports include the type ratings and training history of each flight crew member, the operator’s certificate information, the entity that will have operational control over the aircraft, as well as any accidents, incidents or violations that have occurred.

The reports will also indicate whether the pilots that will be flying the aircraft adhere to FlightSafety’s twice a year training program and if they hold a current FlightSafety ProCard and/or SafetyStar certification. 

Program Benefits:

This service is available at no cost to most FlightSafety Customers. Please click "Learn More" to request additional information.

Wyvern PASS Trip Due Diligence Interface

FlightSafety’s customers can request that their company transmit flight crew training information electronically to Wyvern Consulting, Ltd. The data is transmitted into Wyvern’s PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) system which generates thousands of trip-specific analyses per month for flight and travel departments, operators, brokers, and retail clients.

The easiest and most efficient way to update PASS Reports

Wyvern provides air charter buyers and providers with comprehensive trip due diligence reports. PASS verifies a charter operator’s certificate, operational control, areas of operation, insurance documentation, crew medicals, type ratings, training and experience, and maintenance technician training as well as accidents, incidents and/or violations that have occurred on a company or individual level. The PASS report also indicates if the crew meets FlightSafety’s requirement of twice-a-year training and if he or she holds a current FlightSafety ProCard and/or SafetyStar certification. PASS safety standards include the Wingman and Registered Standards as well as custom risk assessment criteria. Learn more at wyvernltd.com

Program Benefits:

This service is available to most FlightSafety Customers at no cost. Please click "Learn More" to request additional information.

Aeronautical Data Systems | ADS Oxygen Management Solutions

Since early aviation, oxygen quantity has been expressed in PSI, kpa, bar and sometimes liters – all of which only describe how full or empty the cylinder is – not how much time the oxygen will last. ADS’ patented solutions provide pilots with a key, meaningful metric: time remaining. Utilizing ADS’ time-based based solutions, operators can standardize and simplify the complex balance between fuel and oxygen resources -- simultaneously saving money while increasing operational safety.

Save Money and Improve Safety with Standardized Oxygen/Fuel Management

Lean, efficient operations -- that's what today's economic climate requires. Cut costs, but don't trim an ounce of safety. ADS does exactly that, with a suite of time-based oxygen management solutions:

Oxygen SMS
• ADS offers a comprehensive Safety Management System comprised of online programming, an e-book, training modules and a customizable template that safely manages oxygen system hazards and addresses the range of SMS requirements defined by AC120-92A. It includes:
• O2 TimerTM: This innovative online oxygen planning tool displays oxygen time remaining for these common oxygen use scenarios: Duration, Regulatory, Fire, Medical and Duration less Regulatory. The pilot simply selects the specific aircraft, and enters the altitude, oxygen psi, and number of crew and passengers. Time remaining in the selected scenario will display and “count down” in hours, minutes and seconds.
SMS Handbook: This e-book includes regulations, checklists and aircraft-specific duration charts for fuel and oxygen flight planning, in-flight oxygen management, aircraft decompression, partial cabin pressurization, smoke and fire procedures and medical oxygen management.

Additional SMS Resources:
• E-learning training modules
• ADS Toolbox of cost saving programs
• Library of oxygen safety resources
• Customized SMS template addressing  AC120-92A requirements

e-OPSTMTM Oxygen Planning:
• Utilizing time-based metrics, e-OPS provides pilots with an accurate dispatch oxygen pressure via an easy-to-use online calculation service, eliminating the need to carry extra fuel for flight below 10,000 feet. The service includes aircraft oxygen system analysis, 50 flight plans annually and year-to-date savings resulting from the reduced fuel consumption. The O2 Timer also operates within the e-OPS program.

Ergo 360TM Mapping : 
• One of the critical flight planning components is ensuring oxygen safety in normal operations, as well as managing the risk associated with an oxygen contingency. Since fuel and oxygen have inverse consumption rates, flight at higher altitudes decreases fuel consumption, but increases oxygen requirements.
• Ergo 360 calculates the aircraft’s fuel and oxygen consumption at a given altitude and plots their ranges as different colored rings on an interactive map. The pilot can change the proposed altitude and see the resulting change in ring size on the map display, as well as the airports which fall into the area where the two rings overlap.
• Since fuel and oxygen consumption in a potential decompression is known before departure, additional fuel doesn't need to be carried for low altitude flight. Carrying less fuel means a lighter aircraft, which translates into more efficient flight.

FlightSafety Customers receive a preferred price bundle of ADS products and services.

ForeFlight LLC

ForeFlight Mobile is an elegantly designed and best-selling aviation app for iPad and iPhone. ForeFlight Mobile is used by individual pilots and professional flight crews to efficiently gather preflight weather and destination information, route plan, access and manage electronic charts and terminal procedures, organize flight publications, reference as an enroute navigation aid, and manage iPad deployments. ForeFlight Mobile is backed by the company’s Fanatical Pilot SupportTM team.

Experience the joy of ForeFlight


ForeFlight's directory covers 220 countries and includes databases from AOPA, Universal Weather and Aviation's UVTripPlanner, the FAA, and ForeFlight's proprietary research. Frequencies, runway details, diagrams, phone numbers, fuel prices, operating hours, sunrise/set times, METARs, TAFs, Winds aloft, detailed FBO information and more are available.

Maps and Charts

ForeFlight offers thirteen different map views for complete flight planning and moving map capabilities. Overlay weather, hazards, fuel prices and more on each map view.

Complete weather

ForeFlight presents weather brilliantly on the thirteen different map views, ranging from composite reflectivity radar to ceilings and PIREPs. Step through each overlay and visually brief your route of flight for a complete weather pictures.

Instrument Procedures

ForeFlight Mobile includes approaches, departures, arrivals and diagrams for the entire US and Canadian IFR systems. ForeFlight Pro subscribers can use the Plates on Maps feature to see approaches and taxi diagrams overlaid on the map view, along with ownship positioning. On iPad, the Plates tab visually arranges instrument procedures to support your workflow. Use the Annotations feature to highlight information on the plate or make your own notes for reference.

Documents (iPad only)

ForeFlight Mobile is built to be a pilot's one stop shop. The Documents view acts as the ultimate flight bag. Include a PDF or image from any source and have it for quick reference in flight or on the ground. And the built-in catalog of documents makes adding the basics, like chart legends and A/FD extras, a simple tap. Use the Annotations feature on PDF documents to highlight or make your own notes for reference.

File & Brief

Easily build your route in seconds with Touch Planning. Choose from published procedures or plug in recently cleared routes directly from ATC with one tap. File from the ForeFlight app and receive your briefing via email, as well as expected route flight alerts via email and iOS push notifications.

ForeFlight Manage

Use ForeFlight Manage™, ForeFlight's web application to manage your personal or fleet account, add upgrades, and manage the devices on which your subscription is installed. Add and remove pilots as needed.

Visit our website:http://foreflight.com
Honeywell Global Data Center (GDC) Services

Honeywell’s Global Data Center (GDC) is your partner for comprehensive flight support services. In addition to proven VHF and satellite datalink communications, the GDC also provides a wide variety of essential flight support services including our industry leading Flight Sentinel® service designed to help you fly more efficiently and avoid hazardous weather and ATC delays. 

Special Pricing for New or Returning GDC Subscribers

With specially priced packages and multiple optional service plans, GDC is the right fit for any size flight department. Discover for yourself why aviation professionals tell us that they depend on our unsurpassed reliability and relentless customer focus as critical contributors to their success. 

  • Pre-departure Clearance (PDC)
  • Oceanic Clearance Delivery (OCD)
  • Controller Pilot Datalink Communication (CPDLC) 
  • Digital ATIS (DATIS)
  • Terminal Weather Information for Pilots (TWIP)
  • Worldwide VHF and satellite datalink communications
  • Worldwide flight planning
  • Graphical flight tracking
  • Graphical and text weather
  • Flight Sentinel Flight Following and trip concierge services
  • Integrated International Trip support
  • Convenient access via phone, web, Datalink, iPad, Android, Smartphone
  • 24/7/365 Flight Data Specialist support
Visit here for additional details on GDC:www.MyGDC.com
OBDS Electronic Checklist Update Service

OBDS provides AC-120-64 compliant electronic checklist services (ECL) for hundreds of aircraft around the world.

We create, maintain, update and deploy Normal customizable electronic checklists for a wide variety of MFD or EFIS devices as well as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB).

One-stop management of all critical elements of flight movements.

While electronic checklist use is recommended by aviation safety organizations, and the majority of pilots prefer electronic checklists to paper, the complexity and effort necessary to comply with AC-120-64 on an ongoing basis is a problem for many flight departments.

OBDS solves the problem with an economical, easy-to-understand automated service to fully manage the production and periodic updates of customized normal checklists.

We’re licensed by both Honeywell and Rockwell Collins with the latest tools and information to best support your MFD

OBDS checklist experts manage hundreds of checklists each year and our service is a standard option from several aircraft manufacturers. 

You Provide the Text, We Handle the Rest.

OBDS has the tools, advanced technology and know-how to make your ECL program a success from Day 1 regardless of which MFD or EFIS you use.

We work to ensure that each checklist is customized to reflect your fleet’s specific requirements and formatted to achieve superior comprehension and readability.

Our automated online update service allows operators to update checklist procedures, anywhere, anytime.  The automated revision/approval cycle guarantees the end result is version controlled, accurate, and compliant.

Enjoy the benefits of ECL use

Studies in electronic checklist use (Rouse, Rouse & Hammer 1980/82) show a reduction in error rate and execution time when compared with paper checklists. In short, they:

    Normal, abnormal and emergency checklists are easily accessed through menus that list the procedures for quick access.
    No need to follow a paper checklist with a ruler; each item is highlighted in a white box.
    Line items can be CHECKED or SKIPPED. At the end of each procedure, any SKIPPED item is returned to, so no item is missed.
    No need to go searching for a checklist when it’s available on your MFD
    Fleets that use electronic checklists maintain a high level of standardization and risk mitigation.


While electronic checklists are typically used on a MFD, they can now be executed on any Windows® compatible EFB or portable computer.

Our ECL-EFB™ software features a large, easy-to-read display that supports touch-screen technology and simulates popular MFB-based checklist units.

When our experts make changes to the checklist, the EFB can be instantly updated by the pilot with the press of the “Sync” button via Internet.

As ECL-EFB™ has no upper memory limit; checklist pages that cannot fit into an MFD will fit into the EFB.

If your aircraft doesn’t have an ECL unit, simply pick up any low cost EFB and you’ll experience the same benefits.

Program Benefits:

FlightSafety Customers receive 20% off the ECL Customization & Update Service, and 30% off for ECL simulator for EFB. Click "Learn More" to request additional information.

PASSUR Corporate Flight Management Solutions

PASSUR provides airlines, airports, and the U.S. Government with leading traffic management solutions. Now the same advanced technology is available to corporate flight departments.  Track all your flights, wherever they are, on whatever carrier; status all your  services — catering, fuel, ground transportation; status airport, airspace, weather conditions; communicate with all the relevant departments inside your company. And get information and updates to and from your preferred FBOs. All on one platform.

One-stop management of all critical elements of flight movements.

Take all the moving parts of flight operations — flight status, airport status, airspace conditions, weather, ground transportation, fuel services, catering — and multiply them by the number of people, aircraft, FBOs and other service providers you’re dealing with. It’s complicated and lots can go wrong.

PASSUR provides advanced airspace, flight management and customer care solutions to the aviation industry, built on a unique, proprietary radar surveillance network, integrated aviation database, and web dashboard technology.

Reduce Operational Variability and Costs: PASSUR alerts you to disruptive and costly conditions like congestion, GDPs, delays, and diversions  – with operational visibility that only ATC controllers have. All in predictive mode, so you can be proactive instead of reactive.

Improve Customer Care and Coordination: PASSUR’s unique collaborative technology allows you to coordinate all the critical elements of a flight with the key players – inside your company (travel, flight ops, security, executive); with the airport (ramp tower/airports ops); and with FBOs (customer service and line ops). Common service picture, common operating picture – fed by  the most accurate and timely flight and airspace information.

Manage Critical Information from a Single source platform: PASSUR’s Corporate Flight Management  Solutions include:

  • State of the art flight tracking and airspace visualization, with multiple overlays and filters.
  • Dashboards of flight, airport and airspace key performance indicators.
  • Alerts and management tools for diversions, extended tarmac delays, and ground delay programs.
  • Field condition reports and eNOTAMs in direct connection with airport operations.
  • In-depth reporting tools: detailed operational reports for performance analysis and planning.

PASSUR's unique advantage includes:

  • The PASSUR Radar Network: Our proprietary database is powered by a company-owned network of passive radar systems (140+) and growing, installed throughout the U.S. and internationally - there is no other similar network.
  • PASSUR Integrated Aviation Database: All the radar surveillance data acquired by the PASSUR network is integrated and correlated with multiple added industry data sources into specialized databases to support predictive, real time and post operational requirements.
  • Predictive Analytics: PASSUR decision support solutions are supported by predictive analytics technology, which use extensive historical data mining and pattern recognition to predict specific and detailed operating conditions up to eight hours in advance.
  • KPI Dashboards: PASSUR is a leader in Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards which Identifying and capturing the right metrics, and displaying them on web dashboards that deliver the most relevant, user friendly and actionable information in support of specific business objectives.

Program Benefits:

FlightSafety Customers receive a 20% discount on the first year, and a 5% ongoing discount on licensing. Click "Learn More" to request additional information.


PRISM SMS Solutions

ARGUS International is a global leader in aviation safety management with 10 years of expertise. ARGUS created PRISM (Professional Resources In System Management) to assist operators with the increasing challenges and regulations impacting their operations.  PRISM offers a full suite of products and services that can be customized to meet the specific SMS requirements of any operation, and is completely IS-BAO compliant. PRISM SMS is a subscription based program that provides full-service SMS resources including manuals, training, emergency response plans, internal evaluation programs, custom research briefs, SMS help desk, and ARMOR, a web-based tool that allows access to your SMS program from any internet accessible computer around the world.

PRISM: Enhancing Your SMS Program

Whether you operate privately, commercially, as an air carrier, fixed wing, rotary wing, domestically or internationally, PRISM SMS Solutions is the only program you need. Designed to provide flight departments with SMS support through all stages of SMS implementation, PRISM presents a unique solution with unequaled benefit. Recognizing the challenges operators face when implementing a Safety Management System, PRISM provides a constructed pathway to ease the burden of compliance and improve the effectiveness of a flight operation.

 PRISM understands the 24/7/365 nature of the aviation industry and has developed ARMOR, a web-based tool that provides operators with a system that all employees can gain required access to at any time, while allowing the safety officer the ability to manage all elements of their SMS from a laptop and internet connection from anywhere around the world.

 PRISM SMS is the only comprehensive solution that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization. By offering four unique packages or the option to create your own package, PRISM provides exactly what you need for your SMS program.

 PRISM SMS is Your Solution

• Customizable to Fit any Size Operation. 

• Fully IS-BAO Compliant

• Aligned with FAA AC 120-92A and EASA Guidance

• Exceeds CAMTS and USFS Standards

• SMS and ERP (Emergency Response Plan) Manuals

• Web-Based Hazard Reporting Database and Flight Risk Assessment Tool

• Internal Evaluation Program

• Extensive Training and Education

• SMS Validation and Auditing

Benefit Details:

FlightSafety Customers are eligible for a 90 day trial and new Customers will receive a 20% discount on the first year's licensing.  Existing PRISM Customers will receive an ongoing 5% discount for renewals. Click "Learn More" to request additional information.



FlightRisk® is a flight planning and risk assessment system that automatically identifies hazards and provides the appropriate risk mitigation procedures.  This information is based on aviation-related publications, user-defined values, and pilot feedback. 

FlightRisk® uses a patent-pending risk engine to determine which pieces of information are most relevant to your flight.  This helps you focus on the right hazards at the right time.

FlightRisk® Benefits

Saves Time by consolidating flight planning and safety-related information, including: weather, NOTAMs, TFRs, NTAP, A/FD, FARs, and the FAA Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs). 

Facilitates Compliance with various rules, regulations, and policies.

Improves Safety by leveraging the knowledge and wisdom of the entire aviation community.


Program Benefits:

FlightSafety Customers receive a 30% discount on annual licensing fees. Click "Learn More" to request additional information.



The ClipTraining Library License – Company Portal

The ClipTraining LMS (Company Portal) provides full access to The ClipTraining Library for your whole team.The ClipTraining Library is a dual training and support system. Learn faster and easier ways to utilize the most in-demand applications and get answers to your questions in seconds.

Improve productivity and save your budget with ClipTraining!

The ClipTraining Company Portal provides any time access to the ClipTraining Library for your entire team or select groups of employees. Enjoy convenient, online access from any internet connected PC - access that is private to your organization.

Sign up is quick and easy. Our self sign-up feature allows your employees to create their own accounts. Simply send them an invite!

The Company Portal makes it easy for managers to oversee training company-wide by displaying all team members' activity, including training modules viewed, quizzes completed and exam scores.

ClipTraining helps you meet the Challenges You Face:

  • Keep your team up to date on the software they need in a cost effective way. ClipTraining provides training on the business applications your team relies on every day (Microsoft Office, Windows, SharePoint). The cost is budget friendly at just pennies a day.
  • Reduce the time it takes to master new skills through to-the-point, 3 - 5 minute video Clips. Allowing you to learn quickly and get answers to your questions in just seconds.
  • Answer how-to questions for often and seldom performed tasks. All Clips are available on-demand so that you can learn how to perform necessary duties whenever is most convenient for you. On-demand Clips means having the flexibility to review lessons as many times as you need.
  • Train your team to be more productive and efficient
  • Provide support that your staff expects to accomplish their job
  • Learn a subject progressively, as the training is relevant to your responsibilities.
  • With the support ClipTraining provides, you'll save time. Multiply that time-savings by every team member and see for yourself how ClipTraining can make your whole team more productive.
  • Boost employee morale by providing your team with the resources they need to be successful.

Benefit Details:

FlightSafety Customers receive a 30% discount on the Company Portal. Click "Learn More" to request additional information.


The ClipTraining Library License – Individual 1 Year

With an individual license to The ClipTraining Library, you have unlimited access to expert instruction on Microsoft Office, Windows, SharePoint, and more.Courses are delivered online, on-demand, and in a task-based method, so you have all the knowledge you need to become an expert always at your fingertips.

Learn new skills and stay current with The ClipTraining Library

With an individual license to The ClipTraining Library, you have unlimited access to expert instruction on Microsoft Office, Windows, SharePoint, and more.

Courses are delivered online, on-demand, and in a task-based method, so you have all the knowledge you need to become an expert always at your fingertips.

  • It saves you time and money! Why pay more for expensive training services when ClipTraining delivers affordable, proven results when it's most convenient for you.
  • As your skills improve, you will become more efficient at performing tasks.
  • People with computer skills have more opportunities, and are more likely to be hired and retained.
  • By improving your knowledge of Office 2007 and other business applications, you will not only have more employment options, but also moreopportunities for advancement.
  • To-the-point training Clips allow you to refresh your knowledge of a subject or task quickly.
  • ClipTraining delivers knowledge on-demand, so you can learn what you need, when you need it.

Benefit Details:

FlightSafety Customers receive $25 off individual license. Click "Learn More" to request additional information.