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For nearly 30 years, Gulfstream and FlightSafety International (FSI) have teamed up to provide the industry’s most meticulous training for maintenance technicians: Total Technical Training (TTT). With a curriculum developed by both companies and unparalleled access to Gulfstream’s technical expertise, TTT offers the opportunity for technicians to enhance the skills needed to maintain Gulfstream aircraft.

An Invaluable Collaboration
TTT was created out of a partnership that goes back more than 50 years. Gulfstream had long entrusted its own technicians to our training, and in the late 1990s, our two companies realized that by combining our respective areas of expertise, we could enhance the industry through an exceptional training experience that offered an unmatched caliber of instruction and detailed information for customers. We collaborate on all of our Gulfstream maintenance programs, and together, we deliver an elite level of instruction unavailable anywhere else. The TTT program’s combined effort supports quality information and easy access to OEM professionals. In addition, it enhances understanding and standardization of maintenance practices in the field, as well as improved aircraft reliability.

We deliver an elite level of instruction unavailable anywhere else.

An Elevated Degree of Training
Technicians who take advantage of Total Technical Training benefit from this unique partnership. They enjoy:

  • Instruction developed with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), ensuring the most up-to-date information for the aircraft
  • Direct access to Gulfstream experts who can get answers to questions that go beyond the scope of training
  • Specialized training aids, including a virtual aircraft tour to help with component location, an interactive training manual demonstrating complicated maintenance tasks and system operations, desktop simulators to enhance classroom learning, and access to OEM publications
  • The opportunity to network with and learn from Gulfstream’s own technicians
  • Expert instructors, including those hand-picked from Gulfstream’s service and manufacturing areas who can share lessons they’ve learned in the field

In addition, our relationship with Gulfstream provides the opportunity for aircraft visits. This is especially helpful for technicians seeking certification on an aircraft still in development, as well as familiarizing technicians with part locations, aircraft access points, and danger areas of the aircraft.

TTT is available for more than 150 Gulfstream maintenance training programs.

A Balance of Instruction and Hands-On Experience
Each comprehensive TTT course—taught by an expert from either FSI or Gulfstream—combines interactive classroom learning with hands-on experience. Our scenario-based training immerses technicians in a learning environment specifically designed to replicate real-life service issues and events.

Classroom portions of the training may utilize tools like desktop simulators, cabin systems emulators, flight training devices (FTDs), or even full-flight simulators to sharpen theoretical knowledge. During the hands-on portions, technicians train on specialized devices in the hangar area, demonstrating their ability to troubleshoot. Depending on the course, they may work with:

  • Aircraft components that clients can perform maintenance procedures with
  • Cutaways of critical and hard-to-access systems
  • Training devices and/or full-flight simulators to perform systems tests and onboard diagnostics
  • Test equipment and specialized work benches for wiring and circuit testing

Upon completion, these professionals will be fully prepared to keep their aircraft safe and available for dispatch. In addition, they will join the ranks of the global TTT network.


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