"The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew."TM
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29-Mar-17 - 30-Mar-17 ERAA Spring Meeting Copenhagen  Denmark
11-Apr-17 - 11-Apr-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - West Palm Beach West Palm Beach, FL  United States
11-Apr-17 - 13-Apr-17 Asian Business Aviation Conf. (ABACE) Shanghai  P.R. China P125
12-Apr-17 - 12-Apr-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - Shangai Shangai  P.R. China
18-Apr-17 - 18-Apr-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - Seattle Seattle, WA  United States
20-Apr-17 - 20-Apr-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - Chicago Chicago, IL  United States
24-Apr-17 - 26-Apr-17 Textron Customer Conference Wichita, KS  United States
25-Apr-17 - 27-Apr-17 MRO Americas Orlando, FL  United States 929
26-Apr-17 - 27-Apr-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - Paris Paris  France
26-Apr-17 - 28-Apr-17 AAAA Army Aviation Assoc. of America Nashville, TN  United States
30-Apr-17 - 04-May-17 WATS/RATS Orlando, FL  United States 519
02-May-17 - 04-May-17 NBAA Maintenence Managers Conference West Palm Beach, FL  United States
02-May-17 - 04-May-17 ALEA Regional Seminar - Northeast Region Albany, NY  United States
04-May-17 - 05-May-17 Business Aviation Safety Seminar (BASS) Phoenix, AZ  United States
10-May-17 - 10-May-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - Sao Paulo Sao Paulo  Brazil
16-May-17 - 16-May-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - Dallas Dallas, TX  United States
16-May-17 - 18-May-17 Bombardier All Operators Conference Munich  Germany
18-May-17 - 18-May-17 Dassault Falcon M&O - Mahwah Mahwah, NJ  United States
22-May-17 - 24-May-17 European Business Aircraft Assn (EBACE) Geneva  Switzerland A89
01-Jun-17 - 03-Jun-17 Aero Expo - UK Wycombe Air Park  United Kingdom
08-Jun-17 - 10-Jun-17 Pilatus Operator Pilot Association Coeur d'Alene, ID  United States
13-Jun-17 - 15-Jun-17 NBAA Flight Attendant Conference Long Beach, CA  United States
05-Jul-17 - 06-Jul-17 Bombardier Africa Reviews Johannesburg  South Africa
09-Aug-17 - 11-Aug-17 OBAP (Organization for Black Aerospace) Orlando, FL  United States
09-Aug-17 - 11-Aug-17 CBAA Abbotsford, BC  Canada
29-Aug-17 - 30-Aug-17 APATS Singapore  Singapore
20-Sep-17 - 21-Sep-17 Bombardier Russian Review Moscow  Russia
24-Sep-17 - 27-Sep-17 Regional Airline Association (RAA) Palm Beach, FL  United States
04-Oct-17 - 08-Oct-17 CJP Operators Conference Phoenix, AZ  United States
10-Oct-17 - 12-Oct-17 NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention Las Vegas, NV  United States
15-Oct-17 - 19-Oct-17 ERAA General Assembly Athens  Greece
16-Oct-17 - 18-Oct-17 Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) Fort Worth, TX  United States
31-Oct-17 - 01-Nov-17 EATS European Airline Training Symposium Berlin  Germany
06-Nov-17 - 07-Nov-17 Bombardier Asia Pacific Review Osaka  Japan
06-Nov-17 - 08-Nov-17 Air Transport Association of Canada ATAC Montreal, QC  Canada
09-Nov-17 - 11-Nov-17 Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) Ottawa, ON  Canada
12-Nov-17 - 16-Nov-17 Dubai Airshow Dubai  United Arab Emirates
27-Nov-17 - 01-Dec-17 I/ITSEC (Industry Interservice Simulator Orlando, FL  United States