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The experience gained in our simulators and classrooms empowers aviation professionals with unwavering calmness and composure needed for all situations, from the everyday to the unusual. We raise the bar on training because the resulting confidence and preparation mitigate risk and save lives. This elevated level of consistent, standardized training can only be provided by FlightSafety International (FSI) and its incredible reputation earned from 70+ years of incomparable experience and the unique backing of Berkshire Hathaway.


The undisputable value of FSI training lies in the extensive number and range of services, equipment, and locations available. This includes core and advanced master-level courses and instruction tailored to specific needs. For optimal flexibility and accessibility, many courses are also offered as e-learning and LiveLearning® training. Whatever your needs—initial, recurrent, advanced, or special operations training—take advantage of our global network and easily access the world’s best training. Discover a complete list of locations here.


Real-time insights and proven experience inform our coaching so that training is flawlessly tailored to the specific needs of every individual. Each of our 1,600+ instructors is committed to each customer’s proficiency and success, with every training session representing an opportunity to deliver outstanding and unmatched quality.


At FlightSafety, we use patented methods, immersive technology, and countless training scenarios so you know exactly what to do when it is real. Our programs include the most up-to-date, best practices and mirror real-world situations as accurately as possible. Our simulation engineers have led the way in technological innovations and custom designs, built specifically to meet our customers’ operational requirements. For this reason, commercial, government, and military organizations also rely on our full flight simulators for their training programs.