"The best safety device in any aircraft is a well-trained crew."TM
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FlightSafety Simulation

FlightSafety Simulation: Your Proven Training Systems Solution



Visual Systems


FlightSafety designs and manufactures the world’s most sophisticated simulators, with the most advanced features. From a Cessna Caravan to a Boeing 737, from an Osprey V-22 to a C-5 transport. We leverage our half century of experience as the global leader in professional safety training to bring you the top of the line in training solutions. We design, manufacture and support the widest possible range of training equipment, including Desktop Simulation, Graphical Flight-Deck Simulators and top level full flight simulators.

We supply FlightSafety’s worldwide network of Learning Centers with simulators for nearly every type of aircraft made today. We’re our own most demanding client, and we use that built-in quality feedback loop to constantly improve our training products. We measure everything we do by a simple, powerful idea. Innovation with one purpose: Safety.


  • Commercial Air Transport
  • Business Jet
  • General Aviation
  • Regional Jet
  • Rotary Aircraft


  • Cargo
  • Helicopter
  • Trainer Aircraft
  • Special Mission

Unmatched Quality and Service

  • Custom-equipped, modular design
  • Designs based on 50 years of client feedback
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality
  • Industry-leading fidelity
  • Reliable operation and exceptional availability
  • High-resolution visuals library
  • VITAL systems imaging
  • MATRIX integrated training
  • Electric motion and control loading
  • Training systems delivered on schedule
  • Worldwide support

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