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Cabin Safety

Professional Flight Attendant, Corporate Cabin Crewmember and General Emergency Training

We offer Flight Attendant, Corporate Cabin Crewmember/Attendant and General Emergency Training courses at several of our Learning Centers which will prepare you for a position with an operator of a corporate or general aviation aircraft. Courses meet most recommendations for ICAO and IS-BAO certification as well as many of the regulatory requirements for FAA Part 135.331. Emergency training is also offered for Executives who may regularly fly in corporate aircraft.

Through scenario-based cabin safety exercises in the classroom and in specialized training devices, crewmembers acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently manage any situation, routine or emergency. Full-scale corporate cabin trainers – with smoke and audio capabilities – simulate a lifelike cabin environment, providing optimum conditions for integrated safety and service training scenarios. These trainers include FAA-accepted emergency exits and other interior features specific to many popular business jets. Pilots, engineers, maintenance technicians and cabin crewmembers all benefit from our comprehensive General Emergency Training courses, which address the emergency training needs of corporate flight operations, no matter the size. Online training is also available through our eLearning courses.

In addition to our full scale cabin trainers, emergency training is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities that include pools, rafts, emergency slides, fire trainers, rescue hoists and various other equipment that provides a realistic training experience.