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Pilot Training

Business and Commercial Aircraft Training

We developed the first factory-authorized training agreement in the 1960s. Today, our close, long-standing relationships ensure the most effective and accurate private and commercial pilot training possible. We constantly update our courses to employ best practices for each manufacturer. Our training technology reflects the advanced aircraft equipment currently in use.

Pilots of Beechcraft, Cessna and Hawker aircraft leverage the combined resources and capabilities of two global aviation leaders. Take advantage of expert instruction and customized courseware designed specifically for these iconic business and general aviation brands, provided by FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training.

Our Learning Centers, fully qualified under aviation regulatory requirements, operate with an emphasis on reliability, convenience and flexibility. Our goal is to advance missions by offering the specific training support needed, including access to simulator technology, specially designed training environments and the expertise of professional FAA- and EASA-qualified instructors.

Tools for Airline Training

FlightSafety offers training for regional airline operators at 19 Learning Centers, using a fleet of 65 full flight simulators. Larger commercial airlines around the world use our simulators and devices in their own training programs, mastering skills on transport aircraft by major manufacturers. Pilots seeking to fly larger transport aircraft fulfill the requirements of FAR 61.156 by completing our Airline Transport Certification Training Program (ATP CTP).

We deliver turnkey service to establish, operate and support highly effective, cost-efficient training facilities for airlines and other large commercial aircraft operators.

Human Factors CRM Training

Designed for your entire flight department, our Human Factors CRM training is FAA approved and EASA and Transport Canada compliant. HF CRM training covers your Initial, Recurrent, and Phased Recurrent requirements, and is applicable to all roles in your flight department.

International Procedures Training

We deliver comprehensive International Procedures training options for pilots flying internationally at many of our learning centers. Explore our Initial, Recurrent, Simulator LOFT, and Regional training, available at a Center of your choice or online.

Our Training Advantage

Our Master Aviator and Advanced Training programs on select aircraft go beyond the fundamentals, offering you deeper knowledge of your aircraft and professional development. We also offer United States veterans more than 60 approved programs at eight learning centers across the U.S. for use with the Montgomery GI Bill® (Ch. 30) and Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Ch. 33) benefits. Whether you’re looking for fixed-wing or helicopter training, thousands of courses are available, including online through LiveLearning® and eLearning.

Our Instructors Make the Difference