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Electric Motion and Control Loading

FlightSafety equips its aircraft simulators with electric motion and control loading systems for quieter, smoother, more precise response. We pioneered this technology and were the first to receive FAA and EASA Level D approval. Electric motion provides a high return on your investment. It eliminates the need for hydraulic fluid and the associated environmental and safety concerns. It requires less maintenance and can reduce electricity consumption by 80 percent or more. Thereís no need to operate a separate hydraulics room, maintain specialized tools or keep a hydraulics mechanic on staff.

FlightSafety simulators are routinely qualified to the highest levels by aviation authorities around the world, including the FAA, CAA, DGAC, LGB and MOT. Our electric motion and control loading is the recipient of the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) Award for Outstanding Achievement in Modeling and Simulation.

Precise Control

Itís easy to add electric actuators to a simulator. The hard part is controlling them with precision. Our software engineers work to make cockpit controls respond just as they do in an aircraft. Control sensors sample motions 4,000 times a second to provide realistic stick and pedal feel. The tactile quality of the controls and the smooth motion of the base lend fidelity to your training experience.

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