FlightSafety is really a small conglomeration of the finest sort. It is a combination of people, equipment and ideas all dedicated to one thing: helping customers gain knowledge to make them safer. For our superb professional instructors, customer competence is their top priority. Our simulators, training devices and classrooms provide customers with hands-on training of the highest fidelity. We have teams of writers and production staffers who, in concert with manufacturers and our own instructional experts, produce courseware that is comprehensive, current, logical and understandable. And we have hundreds of skilled programmers and technicians who keep it all running smoothly day and night, without end. Thanks to all of that, FlightSafety has developed a solid reputation in which we all take real pride.

With that in mind, it is with no little sheepishness that I confess FlightSafety's roots can be traced to an incident that was not at all customer-friendly and most certainly not hands-on.

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