Experiences such as those are what I carry with me to this day. I was lucky to meet and get to know an awful lot of smart, welcoming people. They made my flying career so much more than just a job. Don't misunderstand; not every day was wonderful. I had to fly on Christmas and weekends. My schedule was not my own, so I had to tend to my personal affairs when time allowed.

One day in late June of 1944 I flew a number of important politicians to the Republican National Convention in Chicago. While they were off nominating Tom Dewey as their presidential candidate, I dashed over to a nearby church and got married. That same day I proudly flew my new bride, Eileen, home aboard the company airplane.

Eileen rode in back with Joe Martin, the Republican House leader who later became Speaker of the House. She was very impressed with the company but less than pleased when her groom deposited her in New York and took off again to fly Martin to a meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. I got home late that night, my wedding night. It was a harbinger of things to come: There were lots of late nights that followed over the years.

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