The armed services and government agencies have long been important FlightSafety customers, and today more so than ever. We train FAA and DEA pilots, Coast Guard search-and-rescue pilots and Army liaison pilots; we even train the pilots who fly the Gulfstreams assigned to the White House.

One of our large-scale military assignments is to provide training for Air Force pilots and load masters on the C-5 Galaxy and the C-141. We also train pilots and boom operators on the KC-135 tanker. And just recently, we were given the job of developing courseware and simulators for the Texan II, the new Beech turboprop that will be used by both the Air Force and Navy for primary pilot training. Meanwhile, our simulator division is making full-motion advanced simulators for the new C-17 transport.

The addition of the Visual Simulation Systems Division in 1993 gave us the capability to design and build simulators of the highest fidelity imaginable. The daylight, dusk and night visuals produced by the group's VITAL technology are stunning. Although we had never set out to become a manufacturer, we now produce some of the most advanced and sophisticated flight simulators anywhere. We use them in our own centers, and we sell them to airlines and operators the world over.

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