So we've made our share of mistakes. Fortunately, we've learned from them all and have intensified our concentration on what we do best. More importantly, our track record on picking good people has been nothing short of spectacular; that's where I've been luckiest of all. It doesn't matter how technically advanced the simulators, how colorful the textbooks or how comfy the learning centers are, FlightSafety is first and foremost a training company where knowledge is transferred from one person to another. If the instructors and managers are not first rate, the training experience will be unsatisfactory, and the customers won't return. It's that simple.

From the outset, FlightSafety has been blessed with instructors who are thoroughly versed in their subject matter, absolutely dedicated to their trainees, and determined to help them acquire the information and skills they need to be competent and confident in their jobs. It is those instructors, along with our technical staff and courseware creators, who are at the core of FlightSafety's enviable reputation and success.

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