In addition to that vital group, the company also has a small but tremendously effective corps of executives, most of whom arrived as enthusiastic youngsters and stayed for the long haul. One of the first on the scene proved to be one of the best, Executive Vice President Bruce Whitman. I met him shortly after he started working at the National Business Aviation Association, which was then a very small organization. I liked the way he handled himself and wanted him to come to work for FlightSafety, but we couldn't pay him very much. Bruce took a look at what we were doing up at LaGuardia and decided to take a chance. That was more than thirty-five years ago. He has been my right-hand man since the day he arrived - a very good day for us all.

Another standout is Dennis Gulasy. We hired him as a technician in 1967; his job was to keep the simulators running at LaGuardia. He did that and more. Today he is a vice president and runs our Simulation Systems Division. Then there's Ken Motschwiller, vice president of finance; Jim Waugh, vice president of marketing; Al Gleske, vice president in Washington; and Mario D'Angelo, our controller. I could go on to include our center managers and our sales and technical executives - I am indebted to them all for their conscientiousness, their effectiveness and, when things heat up (as they often do), for their sense of humor and balance. Believe me, I could not have done it without them.

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