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Discover the FS1000, FlightSafety's advanced Level D full flight simulator - designed to outperform current-generation flight simulators in virtually all aspects.

The FS1000: Advanced-Technology Full Flight Level D Simulators

The new FlightSafety FS1000 full flight simulator will outperform current generation simulators in virtually all aspects. Its new light weight and highly robust modular design offer added configuration flexibility and ease of systems integration. This will enable us to respond quickly as new aircraft and advances in technology are introduced and will serve to increase reliability and reduce maintenance time.

Our top-of-the-line training device uses highly evolved, sophisticated software drivers to replicate with the greatest possible fidelity all of the flight characteristics of your aircraft. Our simulators include a full range of flight conditions and malfunctions to ensure the best training outcome.

FlightSafety full flight simulators feature advanced instructional capabilities and are designed for maximum reliability, ease of maintenance and support.

SimVu Debriefing

SimVu provides the pilot with a detailed visual representation of a full flight simulator training session. Review and analyze your simulator training from multiple points of view for an interactive, customized debriefing.

Our industry-leading technology extends your training well beyond the simulator cockpit, adding remarkable perspective and value to flight simulator training. Dual PC monitors display a 3-D model of the complete training experience, showing exactly what happened inside and outside the cockpit.

SimVu makes it easy to review small irregularities that may have been missed during the simulator flight. This allows immediate reinforcement of training lessons and provides an opportunity to identify areas for special emphasis. SimVu presents the audio, video and flight data collected during the simulator session, including air speed, altitude, aircraft orientation and engine performance.

Pilots view a compilation of the instrument panel, cockpit camera and Jeppesen chart flight profile. It also provides an outside view of the animated flight path, destination airport and more.

Let's discuss how our integrated training suite can help you meet your goals.
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