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VITAL 1100 – State-of-the-art visuals deliver unsurpassed training realism.

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High-Resolution Visuals for Unprecedented Simulation Fidelity

Whether you need a complete visual solution for a full flight simulator or an image generator for a classroom trainer, you benefit from our four-plus decades of experience in visual systems simulation. The VITAL visual system is at the heart of a modern flight simulator. The VITAL 1100 visual image generation and display systems deliver unprecedented fidelity for a wide variety of uses with full flight simulators and a complete range of other advanced training devices. VITAL 1100 provides pilots with the out-the-window and sensor information to provide the training needed to operate the aircraft and fulfill their operational missions. This visual system features computational performance five times greater than previous systems for exceptional visual realism. With resolutions in the tens of millions of pixels, VITAL 1100 delivers vastly improved scene content and unprecedented levels of detail, as well as simulating the imagery of all phases of flight. Environmental effects such as physics-based weather models develop and react as they would in the real world. Other unique features including dynamic shadowing and enhanced shading add a new dimension to the training environment. Using the latest PC technology and high-performance off-the-shelf graphics processors, VITAL 1100 provides a fully certifiable PC image generator. It maintains the proper throughput required for the highest accreditation levels of the FAA, EASA and other international regulatory authorities, and military services.

VITAL 1100 – The Newest Technology and Visual Fidelity in Simulation Systems

Premier Glass Display Provides Largest Field of View Available

Take advantage of the next leap forward in simulation display technology. Our CrewView glass display system offers significant advances in fidelity, portability, field of view and maintenance. Geometric accuracy of our glass system significantly surpasses current competing systems. Providing the largest virtual image field of view available – more than 60 degrees vertical by 300 degrees horizontal – our CrewView display features unparalleled capabilities for out-the-cockpit window viewing for full flight simulators. Our systems range from low-cost solutions to the most demanding high-performance applications. Our displays are in service on full motion simulators that are fully qualified to the highest training standards of the FAA Level D and equivalent international requirements. CrewView mirrors can be thoroughly cleaned without damaging the surface and never require a re-skin, which results in lower long-term costs.


FlightSafety CrewView™ Display - Premier glass technology • Largest field of view on motion • Eliminates geometric distortions

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